When Fandoms Collide

Fandom Collision
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What is fandomcollision?

fandomcollision is the most extraordinary western, comedy, love story, history, drama, musical, documentary, satire...

fandomcollision is a community created and maintained by starlightcheese, galfridian & caitalynn22.

The purpose of fandomcollision is precisely what it sounds like:

The collisions (or, mushing, if you will) of various fandoms by way of --- well, any creative outlet you choose. Icons, fiction, parodies, random posts --- anything!

As fandomcollision grows, its interests will as well, but for the time being, the listed interests reflect those of the creators/maintainers and their friends. As you join, if you so feel inclined, you can suggest interests to add to the list. Once the interests are full, we will begin to remove sub-categories (i.e. Slytherin, Hufflepuff, etc., as they all fall under Harry Potter) so that we can take full advantage of all 150 possible places.

Please, feel free to join & post!

(And tell your friends!)
1899, aaron lohr, alan rickman, animaniacs, anne of green gables, arthurian legend, batman, beater, benny and joon, bill weasley, billy boyd, boromir, boy meets world, carryin' the banner, charlie weasley, chaser, crutchy, cyclops, david, david moscow, davy jones, dean portman, dominic monaghan, draco malfoy, drop dead fred, duckie dale, dutchy, elijah wood, elves, everwood, faramir, fred weasley, frodo, fulton reed, gabriel damon, george harrison, george weasley, gryffindor, haldir, halloweentown, harry potter, hermione/ron, hippies, hufflepuff, ivan dudynsky, jack kelly, john hughes, john lennon, johnny depp, jon cryer, jonathon rhys meyers, kablam, keeper, kid blink, legolas, lord of the rings, lothlorien, mark david, max casella, merry, michael goorjian, micky dolenz, mike nesmith, mirkwood, mordred, music, newsies, normal view, one tree hill, order of the phoenix, orlando bloom, out there, paul mccartney, percy weasley, peter tork, phantom of the opera, pinky and the brain, pippin, pirates of the caribbean, pretty in pink, pyro, racetrack, racetrack higgins, remus lupin, ringo starr, rivendell, rogue, ron weasley, rupert grint, seeker, severus snape, sirius black, skittery, slytherin, specs, spot, spot conlon, superman, teeny little super guy, the 60's, the 80's, the bash brothers, the beatles, the chamber of secrets, the fellowship, the goblet of fire, the mighty ducks, the monkees, the prisoner of azkaban, the sorcerer's stone, the two towers, the weasleys, tom felton, trey parker, wolverine, woodstock, x-men